Thesis Advisory

Degree theses 

  • Design of interactive system to support the learning in literacy to children with auditory impairment at Institute of blind and deaf children, University of Cauca, 2016 (State: Finished).
  • Method for the development of video Games for children with low vision using mobile devices (adviser). University of San Buenaventura Cali, 2016. (State: Finished).
  • Design of a Video Game starting from  board Game called ABCD-Español for teaching of literacy for children with moderate cognitive disability . University of San Buenaventura Cali, 2016. (State: Finished).
  • Multimedia System to support the teaching process of vowels to deaf children between age from 4 to 8 years  (codirector). University of  Autónoma de Occidente. 2016(State: Finished).
  • Video Game Design for teaching of citizen skills in moderate cognitive children and young between 10 to 18 years. University of San Buenaventura Cali. 2016 (State: Finished).
  • Interactive System based in synesthesia  for teaching/learning of music for deaf children between 7 to 10 years. University of San Buenaventura Cali. 2017 (State: Finished).
  • Design model of a serious game for mobile devices to support the auditory stimulation for children with cochlear implant. University of San Buenaventura Cali. (State: Finished).
  • Interface design Tangible that supports the development of thinking skills in children with auditory impairment. University of  San Buenaventura Cali. 2017 (State: Finished).
  • Interactive System for  literacy teaching through of a tale for deaf children. 2017. University of  San Buenaventura Cali (State: Finished).
  • Interactive System for literacy teaching for children with moderate cognitive disability. University f San Buenaventura Cali. 2017 (State: Finished).
  • Emotion Experience: a Tool for measuring user experience in children through of emotions. University of San Buenaventura Cali. 2017 (State: Finished).
  • Facial Recognition to represent 2D Face using technology based in PinArt for people with visual impairment. University of San Buenaventura. 2017 (State: Finished).
  • Design a Table Game  as Support tool to teach programming to students  of the  programming introduction course. University of San Buenaventura. 2018 (State: Finished).
  • Diseño de un cuento interactivo para apoyar la enseñanza de la lectura en niños sordos. 2018. (State: Finished).
  • Design an analysis System of emotions using physiological sensors: Study Case in Students of superior education. 2018 (State: Finished).
  • Interactive System Design as pedagogical tool for the development of thinking computational in children from 9 to 10 years in regular conditions. 2018 (State: Finished).
  • Implementation of a System to select educational resources based in learning styles to support the teacher of superior educational. 2018 (State: Finished)
  • Audio-game Tangible for people with visual impairment,  2019 (State: Finished)
  • Analysis of User Experience in Video-games Using OPEN-BCI, 2019 (State: Finished)
  • Development of software tool that support the analysis in Customer Experience using physiological signals.  (State: In development)
  • Measuring Usability in Interactive Systems using BCI to capture EEG signals (State: In development)

Doctoral theses

  • Framework for the design of interactive collaborative tools to support literacy teaching to deaf children through storytelling. University of Cauca. (State: in development)